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Who we are

Discover Azergo's values and commitments

Azergo, a committed company



Quality is our first commitment, and we maintain it through our products, which incorporate outstanding features in terms of functionality, ergonomic efficiency, durability and ease of use.

All our equipment is designed and manufactured by partners rigorously selected for their reliability, performance and tradition of excellence. Most of them are located in Scandinavia, internationally recognized for their competence in their field, and are subject to quality certifications. 

This objective of quality is at the heart of our corporate philosophy and, in addition to our products and the care we take in selecting them, it determines the way we work with you. 

In keeping with the high quality of our solutions, we have a duty to provide an equally high level of service.

Our commitment is to listen to you, to be rigorous and responsive, from the moment we take your needs into account to the delivery and after-sales life of each Azergo product.
We're also committed tocontinuous improvement, so we're always open to your constructive comments and suggestions.


The service


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Last but not least, ethics are central to Azergo's business philosophy and to the relationship we wish to have with our customers, partners and colleagues.

This translates into fair and balanced prices, enabling the company to offer high-quality products and generate sufficient margins to provide high-performance service and support.
In line with this principle, we also impose on ourselves a duty to provide honest advice and unfailingly respect all our commitments.

Proud of our internal values!

Human values are at the heart of our culture.

These values are supported by the convictions of our profession (taking the human factor into account in the workplace), as well as internally by our teams and our work organization. Benevolence, respect and empathy form the basis of interpersonal relations, in a company that accepts each person as he/she is and encouragespersonal fulfillment.


The human



To pursue excellence is to embark on a path that never ends...

It's a credo we pursue through humility and hard work, and whose satisfaction is found in exceeding our objectives and the expectations of our customers and partners.

The collective


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At Azergo, respect for each individual goes hand in hand with a strong collective conscience.

Our vision of the company is that of an organization that can only live and progress through coordinated collective action. On a daily basis, our teams are driven by strong values of mutual aid, solidarity and sharing, with everyone able to count on the others.


The smile

It's no coincidence that it's featured on our logo! Enthusiasm, benevolence and a positive attitude are necessary elements in the life of a company, in personal fulfillment, and in the nature of the relationships we want to offer our customers and partners.

We want a company where everyone finds as much pleasure and fulfillment as effort.

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