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Who we are

Discover the story
and the world of Azergo

The short story... of a great adventure!

Changing the world of work

The story of Azergo began in 2007, when Nicolas PFENNIG, a young graduate, observed the lack of ergonomics in French workplaces and the resulting health and economic consequences.

Thanks to his knowledge of the world of disability, in which his family works, he began to think about solutions to improve workstation ergonomics and working conditions in general.

He then flew to the Nordic countries, pioneers in the fields of inclusion and ergonomics, in search of solutions and partners to develop this activity. In 2008 and 2009, two close friends, Vincent RIGOUDY and Jérôme LAFOND, joined the adventure to form the very first Azergo team: 3associates united to positively change the world of work, a beautiful alchemy between innovation and family values.

From there, the company grew and developed around a number of talented new employees, all driven by the same values and objectives... with the hope of going from strength to strength.

Since then, Azergo's teams have been doing their utmost to propose efficient ergonomic solutions with the aim of improving well-being at work and performance for all.

"Today, our team has grown, our skills have broadened, but our state of mind remains unchanged. Our primary motivation remains customer satisfaction!"

Our key dates

Our mission:

Build more human workspaces,
whatever the work environment or tasks performed,
thanks to passionate consultants

Promotingjob retention and integration

Historically, Azergo has specialized in individual fittings, helping disabled people to find and keep jobs.

We know that each individual is unique, which is why we adapt to our customers' needs through the multiple configurations of our solutions, as well as by offering tailor-made solutions thanks to the Azergo Factory.

Well-thought-out, better-adapted workstations mean more efficient employees!

We are also expanding into collective layout to help prevent musculoskeletal disorders and improve well-being at work for as many employees as possible within the same company.

That's when our ErgoExpert brand our ErgoExpert brand brand was born: basic ergonomic solutions with real efficiency!

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